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"Ignoble" by Matt Elham

Several years ago, I wrote and self-published a book.  I called it "Ignoble" and wrote it under the name Matt Elham, as there were already 15 Matt Joneses on Wikipedia and I didn't think the world needed another one!

In the book, Lucas and Amber travel to West Africa to report on the environmental impact of a US-owned gold mine. When they start digging into the mine’s operations, they discover that something isn’t quite right...

Back in the U.S., things begin to unravel around them. As Lucas and Amber discover more and more of the mine’s true purpose, the conspirators become more and more desperate to silence them. Their only choice is to run…

Genuine reviews I didn't write myself:

“The seemingly separate story lines quickly start to weave this intricate fabric of a story together whether you catch it from the early clues or not. Every page brings a new insight or surprise."


"Finished this awesome book today. I couldn’t put it down.”


“Crazy ending, great twists and turns.”


“I never saw any of the twists and turns coming. Loved Lucas and Amber. Great characters.”

"My only complaint? It ended too soon."

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